VKR Education Strategy

Schools employ numerous educational applications via the student iPad tablets and other devices to enhance learning and prepare students for life. Web based tools for math, reading, science, and other subjects have proven more effective than traditional methods in helping children understand and master vital principles. Schools across the U.S have adopted these programs to give our students every advantage.

Each of these educational applications requires a user name and password to protect both people and information from unauthorized persons. School districts are required by state privacy law to use best practices for cyber security. Single sign on/password management tools such as Virtual Keyring (VKR) are integral in fulfilling this responsibility.

Virtual Keyring benefits a school district in two primary ways. First, increasing productive teaching time. When a student has difficulties logging in to the curriculum application, the entire class must wait. Time wasted in figuring out a forgotten password or needing to have one reset means less learning time and increased IT support costs.

Second, secure user management. Ensuring the identification of the user is key in preventing data breach that would expose personal, private and confidential student information. VKR securely manages the user identity and authorization to school district applications.

Virtual Keyring (VKR) uses cutting edge technology to conveniently manage user passwords and log into school district authorized applications for teachers, staff and students.

Applications and websites under VKR control appear in user portal for simple access and security.


What is the purpose of VKR?

Single sign on convenience and security. School district employs multiple educational and school management websites/programs/applications, each requiring unique user names and passwords. The user logs into VKR via multi factor verification (user name, password and security questions) or biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprint) to access the systems under VKR control with a one click.

Is facial recognition mandatory to use the system?

No. A student can use facial recognition only with parent or guardian opt in and signed acceptance. Students can applications via multi factor verification (user name, password and security questions without the facial recognition verification.

How are facial recognition images stored?

Images are instantly converted to an encrypted algorithm to be used ONLY for comparison to previous sessions for user verification. They are not displayed, shared or distributed outside of the VKR system. For a hacker to ‘see’ the image would require they break into the secure system, de-crypt the file, then interpret the algorithm.

Who can access or see the images?

Only VKR support. They are not displayed, shared or distributed outside of the VKR system. For a hacker to ‘see’ the image would require they break into the secure system, de-crypt the file, then interpret the algorithm.

Will VKR share images with the  school district, other systems or social media?

ONLY VKR can access the encrypted image algorithms and share them with authorized persons at school district. This is only done in specific cases where VKR is required to verify a user identity that has accessed the system. VKR will not share or grant access to outside systems, social media, etc.

How often is the user’s face scanned for verification?

The verification scan by the webcam default is every 60 seconds. The system administrator can set most appropriate frequency as determined for the  school district network environment.

What is the system security?

VKR uses PCI compliance and 256 AES encryption, the standard set by the U.S. Government.

What is the purpose of VKR?

Security and application access efficiency. VKR provides the ultimate convenience and security for single sign on to defined applications and systems within the school district network environment. 

Why not just use a password?

Strong passwords must be long, include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (@, #, $, %,&,*) that are difficult to remember. The facial recognition algorithm is stronger than a 50 character password, securing the applications and credentials.
Passwords can be stolen and used by anyone which is the basis behind over 90% of identity theft and stolen information. VKR’s security technology ensures that only live & authorized users are able to access secured information and devices.