How much are passwords costing your business?

Managing passwords has become a huge hassle for most people and organizations. Security best practices demand that we use strong, complex passwords and change them frequently for secure programs and applications.

However, consider the cost of this policy to your organization in lost staff productivity and increased IT support tickets.

When users are forced to change a password, there is an immediate loss of employee productivity as people struggle to remember the new password. It can take several days for users to acclimate to the new password and return to full productivity.

Inevitably, when passwords are changed the calls to the IT help desk increase as users lock their access with incorrect password attempts. Help desk tickets are hard costs for your organization.

Employees struggling to remember their passwords  are like drivers sitting in gridlock traffic. It’s a waste of time that cannot be recovered and difficult to quantify.

IT costs are another story. The average cost for a help desk password re-set average $22.50*. If your staff uses 10 secure systems that force password changes every 90 days, passwords drain thousands of dollars per year from your budget and bottom line.

It’s a never ending battle for an organization with numerous secure systems and applications. To minimize these costs you must deploy solutions that address:

Password management. Secure yet easy to use methods of storing, encrypting and updating user names and passwords.

Identity management. Storage and monitoring each user’s identity to verify their access to your secure systems.

Single sign on. Technology that controls and automatically logs into target applications with one master log in.

Biometric authorization. Facial recognition, fingerprint, and voice are the leading emerging solutions to replace passwords.  

Virtual Keyring can help. Our cutting edge facial recognition technology verifies the user and logs in to the target system using our secure password management solution. Virtual Keyring reduces IT help tickets by as much as 50%, paying for the system investment in the first year. 

Imagine using just your face as your password.

*1/4 of an hour based on $90 per hour IT staff cost.