The simple truth is, passwords have become a major frustration for users and an opening for hackers to breach private, confidential, and regulated information. User verification and authorization (is the user really who they say they are) presents a major cyber security challenge facing every organization. 

Virtual Keyring (VKR) solves this dilemma using patented, secure password management and biometric face recognition. 

Virtual Keyring delivers three primary benefits to an organization:

  1. Reduction in cost of IT tickets for password resets
  2. Increases user/employee productivity by replacing hard to remember passwords with biometric face recognition.
  3. Improves overall protection of data and systems. 

The Problem

For banks and credit unions, user verification and authentication has become a higher priority in protecting their customer/member data.  Responsible corporate governance and regulators demand that senior management increase password security requirements with stronger and frequently changed passwords. For users, this change compounds the problem of managing a greater number of complex passwords. 

The Cost

Most organizations now report that more than 40% of help desk tickets are for password resets, meaning thousands of dollars lost every year. And staff productivity drops when passwords are changed because people struggle to remember the new, longer and more complex credential.

Virtual Keyring Is The Solution

The combination of our patented password management system and biometric facial recognition delivers a hassle free solution of uncompromising integrity.