Security and Convenience

The VKR solution uses a patented face recognition technology called FastAccessAnywhere that automatically recognizes users when they step up to a device, makes their tasks easier by securely signing them into web portals as they work, and eliminates security gaps by automatically locking the computer when their face is out of view. 

Know who a user is all the time with Continuous Security, instead of just at the moment of sign-on. As a new user approaches the device, FastAccess can automatically switch to their account.

FastAccess Anywhere was designed for the most stringent security requirements and is used in healthcare, financial institutions, prison systems, and technology companies. Our patented face recognition technologies dramatically reduce the need to type passwords, can save power and battery, and allow recognition in all lighting scenarios.

Full Active Directory compatibility allows it to easily fit into your existing architecture and co-exist with other methods of authentication.

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Mobile Apps

Customers/Members use banking apps more than 7,610 times a minute – or 4 billion times a year. Some of these services do a lot more than allow users to check their account balance or make payments. However, mobile apps expose the organization to greater risk than any other technology.

The VKR solution FastAccess Anywhere authorizes the user as he or she looks at the device, closing it when the face is no longer in view. Transparent to the user while securing the app - and access to your core banking system. No other biometric offers the verification, convenience and speed as FastAccess.

Be the person who logs in is really who they say they are. Go beyond a user name/password or PIN.

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Customer ID in Branch Offices

Busy branches, sketchy location, lots of unknown people in the branch? VKR branch identifies members/customers as they approach the teller.

Knowing the identity of the member/customer, your staff can give superior service and optimize cross selling opportunities.

Enrollment is easy either automatically at the teller line or in conjunction with your mobile or online banking applications. 

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Internal Staff Security

Your staff accesses numerous systems and applications in the course of their day. Danger appears when users leave unattended PCs logged in, share passwords, or let a co worker use their device.

FastAccess secures the device with face recognition technology that authenticates the user or locks PC. And user logs display the authorized user, not just a user name making audits and forensic reviews more accurate.

FastAccess can integrate into Active Directory networks, secure applications, or other systems.

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