Virtual Keyring offers user authentication powered by patented face recognition technology.

Single or multi factor authentication. 

Banks, credit unions, law enforcement, and others must protect and secure private, regulated information such as consumer credit data, criminal filings and employment files. Most data breaches result in compromised passwords obtain by phishing schemes or user carelessness. 

Virtual Keyring protects your organization with face recognition technology developed and tested over 10 years and by over 10 million users.

Our technology features:

 Biometric Facial Recognition
 Continuous User Verification
 Real time Log in and Location Access Monitoring
 Auto Log Out Control
 Platform, O/S, Browser Independent

Virtual Keyring, LLC is proud to have a partnership with Sensible Vision to offer their FastAccess patented face recognition system.

The FastAccess Platform starts with our proven face recognition engine and adds breakthrough technologies that eliminate typical tradeoffs to provide fast, simple, accurate authentication and transparent personalization.

FastAccess claims over 10 million paid licenses and relationships with Dell, Sony, Logitech and others.