30 Milliseconds

face recognition

‘Tis the start of high school reunion season when many of us confront the prospect of revisiting our past. Walking into the old school gym, classmates from the yesteryear approach and greet you. How quickly will you recognize them? Brain scientists tell us 30 milliseconds or less. 

"Within 30 milliseconds of looking at a face," says Penn State researcher Suzy Scherf, "you can figure out the age, the sex, and whether you know the person or not." Remembering their name remains a struggle!

Ms. Scherf explains much more her study but consider the value to our self-preservation of this capability. It protects us from enemy tribes, predatory strangers, crooked politicians as well as obnoxious old classmates.

Today, some computer programs can recognize a face with a high degree of accuracy.To a small extent replicating our brain's ability in the virtual world. This technology offers enormous benefits for cyber security. But not all programs are equal in recognition, encryption, and authentication. Many can be spoofed, bypassed or defeated.

Daily cyber attacks risk finances, reputation and well being, as well as disrupting business and government. Protecting our 'virtual life' has become critical. 

Consider face recognition technology to augment other authentication methods for device and system access to confidential, protected and regulated information.