Security and Convenience

The VKR solution uses a patented face recognition technology called FastAccessAnywhere that automatically recognizes users when they step up to a device, makes their tasks easier by securely signing them into web portals as they work, and eliminates security gaps by automatically locking the computer when their face is out of view. 

Know who a user is all the time with Continuous Security, instead of just at the moment of sign-on. As a new user approaches the device, FastAccess can automatically switch to their account.

FastAccess Anywhere was designed for the most stringent security requirements and is used in healthcare, financial institutions, prison systems, and technology companies. Our patented face recognition technologies dramatically reduce the need to type passwords, can save power and battery, and allow recognition in all lighting scenarios.

Full Active Directory compatibility allows it to easily fit into your existing architecture and co-exist with other methods of authentication.

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