Imagine Logging Into Your Secure Systems With Your Face

Cyber security begins by protecting access to the device

Few organizations face the fiduciary duties and regulatory oversight like banks and credit unions. In this environment, examiners require practices and policies that reduce risk. Customers/Members expect protection of account and personal information. 

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To compete and reach the largest possible market you must deploy tools that access deposit, loan, trust and business accounts. 

The security of your core systems begins with user authentication at the device level. We strengthen your credential based user access by adding face recognition user authentication using FastAccess from Sensible Vision.

FastAccess delivers reinforced security to mobile apps and staff devices connected to systems containing confidential, protected and regulated information, including: 

  • A fast and invisible user experience 
  • Re-verifies the user every 1-3 minutes protecting the device from unauthorized persons
  • Fits the direction of examiners and regulators regarding additional authentication.  
  • Reduces IT calls and user complaints 

Discover how face recognition technology can augment your cyber security.